Mrs. Arielle Arieli

Arielle ArieliMrs. Arielle Arieli

Mrs. Arielle Arieli grew up in Queens, NY, attended SKA, and then Michlalah.  Afterwards, she continued on to Stern College for Women where she received a BA in Judaic Studies with a minor in Computer Science.  She then received her MA in Jewish secondary education from the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration.  Pursuing her love of teaching, Mrs. Arieli taught in HALB, HANC, and Ateret in Queens College before making aliyah.  Since then she has spent the past 13 years teaching in seminaries Hashkafa, Tanach, and topics in personal growth, while guiding students to achieve their goals in their individual paths.  Mrs. Arieli values her relationships with students created in and out of the classroom.  She and her family live in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

What her students say

“Mrs. Arieli is fun to talk to, an amazing teacher and an awesome racezet. The way she lives her life and the world she creates around her is an inspiration on its own. She is a true role model, and I can only hope one day to be as great as her.”