Dayan Shlomo Cohen ACA

Dayan Shlomo Cohen ACA

Dayan Shlomo Cohen was born and educated in London, England.  After graduating from London Metropolitan University, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant.  After a few years in the professional field he made Aliyah, entering Yeshivat HaNegev where he qualified as a Rabbi and subsequently as a Dayan.

Dayan Cohen currently serves as a Dayan on the Ahavat Shalom Bet Din for monetary disputes in Jerusalem, is Dean of the Avnei HaChoshen kollel which trains dayanim, serves as Rav of the Ahavat Yisrael community in Har Shmuel, and lectures widely on Jewish business ethics in many institutions in Israel and abroad. He is the author of the 2 volume set of sefarim – Pure Money – a straightforward guide to Jewish monetary law.

In his youth, he was an accomplished mountaineer, rugby player and athlete, who once ran the 800m in 1min 59 seconds. Today, most of his running is up to the third floor at Midreshet Tehillah and, although his fitness level may be lower, his enthusiasm is just as high!

Dayan Cohen is married with nine children, a number of grandchildren, and a German shepherd dog called Chico.

What his students say

“You made halacha we had never thought about come to life with real world stories and examples. You made halacha that could have been dry and dull, interesting and fun to learn. You showed us by your humble and kind demeanor how a true Ben Torah acts.”