Mrs. Brocha David

Brocha David Mrs. Brocha David

Brocha David was born and bred in New York. She attended seminary at Michlalah and earned her bachelors in Judaic Studies and Masters in Jewish Education from Michlalah College. In addition to her teaching commitments, she is a freelance translator and enjoys feeding hungry seminary girls! She and her family live in Har Nof, so please be in touch with her on Sunday nights if you’re interested in Shabbos leftovers 😉

What her students say

“You introduced each shevet from the circumstances going on surrounding their birth, and from that you explained how each of their middot formed within them. You taught us about their personalities, strengths and weaknesses, about their triumphs and mistakes – bringing them to life before us and making them seem more human. You told us captivating stories about each shevet, showing us where their middot come through, and through these stories you taught us lessons for life, things through which we could make our avodat Hashem more alive and wholesome.”