Mrs. Racheli Herszaft

Racheli Herszaft Mrs. Racheli Herszaft

Born and raised in England, Racheli attended Midreshet Tehilla for seminary and stayed for Shana Bet and to be a Madricha. She has a BSc degree in psychology and also a degree in education from University College London. Her passion for Jewish education and outreach has taken her to positions in organizations such as Aish, JLE (London), and Meor, both locally and abroad. After working as youth directors at Ner Yisrael synagogue in London, Racheli and her husband Adam moved to Yerushalayim as Mizrachi Fellows, and Racheli graduated from the Matan Bellows Eshkalot Fellowship.  She is continuing her learning in the Mizrachi Lapidot Halacha program, as well as running her own bakery! Her family currently live in Rechavia and their home is always welcome for Shabbat and babysitters 🙂