Rebbetzin Rochel Silber

Rebbetzin Rochel Silber Rebbetzin Rochel Rena Silber

Rebbetzin Rochel Rena Silber has been teaching and counseling worldwide for more than 30 years. Born and educated in New York, she holds a BA in Mathematics from Queens College, City University of New York and a BA in Education from Esther Schonfeld Teachers Seminary, as well as being a certified reflexologist (Laura Norman School of Reflexology) and has completed her studies with Dr Brain Weiss in Past Life Regression Therapy, and has studied holistic nutrition, counseling and aromatherapy for the past 25 years.

Rebbetzin Silber taught in the first Kiruv High School in America, Ezra Academy of Queens for 25 years before making Aliyah to Israel in 2001. Since then, she is a teacher at Neve Yerushalayim, Midreshet Tehilla Seminary, Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo and a host of other schools and seminary programs in Yerushalayim and Bait Shemesh. Rebbetzin Silber strives to help her students find their unique gifts in Torah learning and serving Hashem. She draws from the wellsprings of Chassidut in addition to all classical Torah sources.

For many years, Rebbetzin Silber wrote a weekly article on the Parsha Portion of the week. These have evolved into weekly audio and video shiurim, available on WhatsApp and a private YouTube channel. She is available for private counseling sessions and can be reached at