Mrs. Susan Kagan

Mrs. Susan Kagan

Mrs. Susan Kagan got involved with Jewish education before she entered high school and has not stopped since! Joining NCSY at the tender age of 13, she rose quickly through the ranks to become a National Officer.

After completing her degree at Touro College, Mrs Kagan came to Neve Yerushalayim to become a madricha. She was quickly put in charge of a number of Neve outreach programs and would drive from one end of Israel to the other to run kiruv programs on college campuses. When she got married she became the first house mother at Bnos Chayil, one of the early Neve seminaries. A year later she was brought back to Neve to become the house mother of the newly opened Neve Yerushalayim Har Nof campus. Susan remained the head house mother for 12 years, during which time she earned her masters in Clinical Sociology – a family therapy degree. After a successful career in family counseling she was recruited by a very close relative (!) to join Midreshet Tehillah in its second year of operation.

Mrs. Kagan combines deep insight into people with decades of experience working closely with young Jewish women. Most importantly, for Midreshet Tehillah tiyulim she bakes banana chocolate chip muffins to die for, and boils up the most amazing chicken soup for our Shabbatonim!

What her students say

“You have been our mother this year and have earned each of our unadulterated love for probably the rest of our lives. Thank you for talking to us and getting to know each and every one of us. Thank you for being our role model. For always being open for a schmooze and having a sweet word to say and an understanding, helpful, and genuine response to every problem. Thank you for making us a family.”