Extra Learning Programs


Most Thursday nights at Midreshet Tehillah there is a Mishmar starting at 11.30pm girls gravitate to the Beit Midrash, many drawn by the incredible smell of cholent which has been simmering all day!  Mishmar is the chance to ‘seriously shteig’ and learn that special late-night Torah bechavruta.  Every week one of the students prepares their own chabura and presents it to the group.  By the early hours the discussions and arguments are flowing – an incredible way to learn Torah and to prepared for Shabbat!

Late Night Sichot

On Tuesday nights at 9pm, there is often an optional late-night Sicha which kicks in when the regular classes finish.  A teacher presents an informal shmuze on an important contemporary issue which lends itself to a more informal format.  Topics include ‘Science and Torah’, ‘What is Hashkafa’,  Why Don’t Jews Agree’, ‘Why Keep Halacha’, ‘Tanach and Archeology’, and many more.  Midreshet Tehillah is a great school for thinking student who want to get their head around WHY we do what we do.  This is another forum for you to grapple with some of the trickiest questions.

REB Talks!

On most Wednesday nights we do not have regular classes.  Instead, there is a great combinations of REB Talks and Chugim.  At 7pm, REB Talks are an opportunity to hear from a Guest Speaker from outside the school.  There are so many incredible Torah educators in the world and we want to bring some of those inspirational men and women into Midreshet Tehillah.


At 8pm on Wednesdays we have Chugim.  These are more informal educational opportunities for you to gain and grow in Torah and in life, at the same time as have a lot of fun!  A number of choices run in parallel through the year and you can pick whichever speaks to you most.  Chugim include:

  • Jewish Growth Through Music,
  • Jewish Art,
  • Israel Advocacy Training,
  • Krav Maga (Self-Defence),
  • Jewish Meditation and Mindfulness,
  • The Practical Kosher Kitchen (in a local home),
  • Jewish Dance,
  • Careers Counselling.

Chugim are practical ‘hands-on’ learning – Torah as a crucial guide to life!

Krav Maga Class