Meet the Directors

Midreshet Tehillah representatives usually visit high schools across the US and UK during November to meet potential students. They may return in December and January for face-to-face interviews with each applicant, but it is also possible to arrange an interview over Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

Rabbi Anthony Manning:

Rabbi Anthony Manning has an MA in Law from Oxford University and was a successful commercial lawyer and lecturer in London. He moved to Israel in 2002 in order to pursue a rabbinic career; he studied at the Jerusalem Kollel and received Semicha from Rabbi Zalman Nechemya Goldberg and Rabbi Yitzchok Berkovitz. He is a member of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA).

Since 2017 Rabbi Manning has been Co-Director of Midreshet Tehillah, having moving from Michlelet Mevasseret Yerushalyim (MMY), where he was the senior rabbinic educator for many years. He is a Senior Lecturer at Midreshet Rachel V’Chaya College for Women, and Shapell’s Darche Noam Yeshiva, and gives a regular weekly shiur at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem. Rabbi Manning speaks regularly as a Scholar-In-Residence in communities across the US, Canada, UK and Israel. He lives with his wife Sarah in Alon Shevut.

Rabbi Manning’s Recruitment Schedule for 2021-22:

Monday Nov 8 – Los Angeles
Tues Nov 9 – New York
Wed Nov 10 – New York/Long Island
Thurs Nov 11 – New Jersey, Philadelphia
Fri Nov 12 – Cleveland, OH
Shabbat Nov 13 – NCSY Gap Year Shabbaton, Ohio
Sun Nov 14 – Manhattan – Stern College Open House/Israel Day
Mon Nov 15 – Boca Raton, FL
Tues Nov 16 – Atlanta, GA
Wed Nov 17 – New Jersey
Thurs Nov 18  – New York/New Jersey
Fri Nov 19 – Silver Spring, MD
Shabbat Nov 20 – Silver Spring, MD
Sun Nov 21 – On-Line Virtual Israel Day

 Rabbi Jeremy Kagan:

Rabbi Jeremy Kagan grew up in Hawaii and attended Yale University, where he received a B.A. in Philosophy. While traveling in Israel during college he began his Torah studies, going on to learn in Ohr Sameach, Meshech Chochma, and Heichal HaTorah B’Tzion. He regularly attended the shiurim of Rav Moshe Shapiro and eventually gained Semicha from Rav Zalman Nechemya Goldberg. His first book (Feldheim, 1998) The Jewish Self: Recovering Spirituality in the Modern World was much acclaimed. In 2011 his second book: The Choice to Be: A Jewish Path to Self and Spirituality (Feldheim, 2011) received the National Jewish Book Award for Modern Jewish Thought. His most recent publication is The Intellect and the Exodus: Authentic Emuna for a Complex Age (Koren, 2018).

Rabbi Kagan’s Recruitment Schedule 2021-22:

November 18-21     South Florida
Novevmber 21-24   NY and Philadelphia
November 25 – 28   Minneapolis

Miriam Tannenbaum

Mrs. Miriam Tannenbaum:

Mrs. Miriam Tannenbaum was born and raised in NY and lived in Texas for 16 years.  She taught a variety of limudei kodesh subjects in Akiba Academy of Dallas’ Middle School, where she also served for many years as Judaic Studies coordinator. With much excitement, Miriam and her family made Aliyah in summer 2018, fulfilling a life-long dream, and eagerly joined the Midreshet Tehillah faculty. She is currently also involved in opening a new high school for girls in Beit Shemesh, where she serves as the Menahelet. Miriam is married to R’ Meir Tannenbaum and is a mother to Nechama, Avrumy, Avigayil, Yitzy and Tzvi. She loves learning, running marathons and coffee.

Mrs. Tannenbaum’s Recruitment Schedule for 2021-22:

Sunday November 7 – Dallas
Monday November 8 – Denver
Tues November 9 – Chicago
Wed November 10 – Memphis

To request a Zoom presentation to your school or community or a meeting with one of our Directors, please contact:
Rabbi Jeremy Kagan at US telephone 347-408-1453 or at;
Rabbi Anthony Manning at or WhatsApp him at +972-544-756-734
If you are visiting Israel and would like to visit Midreshet Tehillah, please contact us at