Shana Bet Program

The Midreshet Tehillah Shana Bet program is designed for students who have completed a year of seminary, whether at Midreshet Tehillah or another school. While the first year of Seminary is characterized by exposure to a flood of new ideas, with much talk and effort to internalize them, Shana Alef often provides only enough time to make start that project. Shana Bet is the opportunity to take it to the next level.

Taking it to the Next Level

The Midreshet Tehillah Shana Bet program allows you to continue the exciting learning that you did in your first year, but with a deeper attention to the unique focus of Shana Bet.

Select teachers from the Midreshet Tehillah staff teach courses that are specifically designated for Shana Bet students. This large commitment of staff gives you ample opportunity to work one-on-one with the teachers and to individualize your experience, which is especially important for the personal integration that is the overriding goal of Shana Bet.

Shana Bet talmidot are encouraged to use the opportunity to improve their learning skills by participating in the Beit Midrash Track, and you may also take new classes in the Shana Alef Tehillah Track. You will be invited to participate in the activities and Shabbatonim organized for Shana Alef students, and you will also have your own activities organized by the dedicated Shana Bet staff.

The Shana Bet program is designed with the flexibility to allow you to choose how you want to use your year. You have three choices:

1) To immerse yourself completely in Limmudei Kodesh for another semester or year;

2) To supplement your Kodesh studies with secular course work that will cover requirements for a degree to be completed afterward outside of Israel;

3) To earn a bachelor’s degree during the Shana Bet year (or soon afterward), awarded by any of a number of colleges that award degrees based on course work done in Israel.