Our Students

Our students come from Yeshiva High Schools and out-of-town Beit Yaakovs in America and England, with some Baalei Teshuva and NCSY students in the group. They share a strong commitment to Halacha and growth, but bring a variety of perspectives to how that looks. The contrast allows students to understand themselves more clearly. Neve Yerushalayim’s presence adds another level of diversity to the campus. Despite coming from very different backgrounds, Neve and Midreshet Tehillah students share a common direction of growth, and each group gains inspiration from the other.



The following are just some of the high schools that our students come from:

  • Ateres Bais Yaakov, Monsey NY
  • Atlanta Jewish Academy, GA
  • Beis Chana High School, Miami, FL
  • Beis Yaakov of Baltimore, MD
  • Beis Yaakov of Boston, MA
  • Beis Yaakov of Detroit, MI
  • Bais Yaakov of the Twin Cities, St Louis Park, MN
  • Berman Hebrew Academy, Silver Spring. MD
  • Beth Rivkah, Melbourne, Australia
  • Bnos Devorah, Los Angelesm, CA
  • Bnos Leah Prospect Park YHS, Brooklyn, NY
  • Bruriah High School, Elizabeth, NJ
  • Fuchs Mizrachi, Cleveland, OH
  • Hadar High School, Boca Raton, FL
  • Hasmonean High School, London, UK
  • Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, OH


  • Hillel High School, N. Miami, FL               
  • Hillel Academy, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Hirsch Lyons, Jo’burg, South Africa
  • Ilan High School, Ocean, NJ
  • Katz YHS, Boca Raton, FL
  • Kohelet YHS, Philadelphia, PA
  • Kosloff Torah Academy (KTA), Philadelphia, PA
  • Maayanot YHS, Teaneck, NJ
  • Manhattan High School, NY
  • Margolin High School, Memphis, TN
  • Ma’ayanot YHS, Teaneck, NJ
  • Meira Academy, Palo Alto, CA
  • Menorah High School, London, UK
  • Midreshet Shalhevet, N. Woodmere, NY
  • Piedmont High School, CA
  • Ross Sheppard HS, Edmonton, Canada
  • Shaarei Binah Torah Academy, S.Florida
  • Shearim Torah HS, San Diego, CA
  • Shevach High School, Queens, NY
  • Shulamith High School for Girls, Cedarhurst, NY
  • Stella K. Abraham High School, Hewlett Bay Park, NY
  • TAG Far Rockaway, NY                    
  • Temimah High School, Atlanta, GA
  • Torah Academy, Jo’burg, South Africa
  • Valley Torah HS, Los Angeles, CA
  • Westchester Hebrew High School, NY     
  • Yavneh High School, Cleveland, OH        
  • Yavneh High School, Manchester, UK    
  • Yeshiva of Greater Washington, Silver Spring, MD
  • Yeshiva University High School (YULA), Los Angeles, CA
  • Yeshiva University High School for Girls (Central), Queens, NY

After graduation, our American students usually attend Stern College, Touro College, or other universities and colleges, while some students choose to remain for our Shana Bet program or other programs in Israel. British and Southern Hemisphere students generally attend university in their home town.

Midreshet Tehillah looks to recruit focused and committed talmidot who want to be challenged intellectually and inspired spiritually. We look for motivated, mature young women who recognize that real questions require more than one-line answers.

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