Midreshet Tehillah

- Where Torah is Your Gateway to a Deeper Self -


Midreshet Tehillah is a learning-based Seminary located in Jerusalem where intellectual challenge and personal exploration are emphasized. Our staff is warm and welcoming, selected for their interest in developing genuine connections with our talmidot, as well as for the depth and relevance of their Torah. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, learning as much from one another as from their teachers.


Midreshet Tehillah is housed on the beautiful and spacious Neve Yerushalayim campus, which hosts numerous seminary and college programs. This is a secure, gated facility in Har Nof on the outskirts of Yerushalayim. Conveniently located near a major shopping area, the campus is just a short bus ride from the Kotel and the center of town. With an average of 60 girls in Shana Alef and 15 girls in Shana Bet, we are able to give strong individual attention to each and every student.


Since 2003, we have been providing a wonderful environment for students to elevate themselves and their Torah to new levels. Our alumnae continue to express hakarat hatov to the school for what they gained, even years after graduation. They are active in their home communities and in one another’s lives, and often keep contact with staff.

כל דברי אמת ויושר נראים רחוקים בתחלת העיון, ולבסוף יתגלה ויאירו כשמש בצהרים

All words of truth appear obscure at first, but once their meaning is revealed they shine like the afternoon sun!

(Be’er HaGolah, Chapter 4, Maharal)

From Our Students

"That you can bond with so many types of backgrounds is amazing. It doesn't mean that you have to change from what you are but it means that you can actually define yourself better."



"It's very individually focused - the whole experience. There's no pressure to be a certain way. I feel like I'm learning about myself and what's right for me."


New Jersey

“Having a Sem with fewer girls is so much nicer. All the teachers can get to know you on a one to one basis. I feel like every teacher looks at you as an individual.”



“The classes are intellectual but they are for your personal growth. They're not teaching you ‘this is this and this is that’. They are about ideas and they are conceptual. They really make you think.”



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