Will I earn college credits while studying at Midreshet Tehillah?
Many colleges and universities accept credits from Midreshet Tehillah. It is recommended, however, that you consult the registrar of the college that you plan to attend to check that college’s policy. Upon request, a transcript for courses successfully completed at Midreshet Tehillah will be issued if the student is in good academic and financial standing.

Stern College, Touro College, and the Teachers Institute of Chicago offer joint programs with Midreshet Tehillah, whereby the student is accepted both at the college and at Midreshet Tehillah. Any student exercising this option is considered a registered student of the college for purposes of credits, transcripts, and scholarship applications while she attends Midreshet Tehillah. Please consult these colleges for details of these joint programs.

What are the security measures taken by the school?
The Neve Yerushalayim campus is a gated community with an armed guard on duty 24 hours a day at its entrance, and several families live on the campus grounds. The school is in contact with, and receives updated information from, the American Consulate and the local police security department about which areas to avoid. When necessary, instructions and travel restrictions are given to the students based on current security conditions. School trips and outings are organized in accordance with IDF, Israel Parks Authority and Ministry of Education regulations, and are subject to their authorization where required.
Do I require additional health insurance while studying in Israel?

You can find information about medical insurance here.

How much does Midreshet Tehillah cost?

The full year Shana Alef program at Midreshet Tehillah for 2024-25 will cost $30,000. Most students are entitled to a MASA scholarship from the Jewish Agency, depending on their personal status. Discretionary academic scholarships may be available for students in cases of financial need, following their acceptance by the school.