Calendar 2020 – 2021


IMPORTANT NOTE: all dates are indicative and are subject to change.  Government and other regulations relating to COVID-19 are constantly evolving and may require adjustment to these dates, possibly at short notice. Before booking flights or other arrangements based on these dates, it is important to consult with the school to receive any relevant updates.

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August 23-25                      Sun-Tues                Student arrivals  

August 25-September 8 Tues-Tues                Bidud B’Yachad 



September 9                      Wednesday            Reorientation & Moving Day 

September 12                    Motzei Shabbat     Slichot 

September 18-20              Fri-Sun                      Rosh Hashanah 

September 21                    Monday                    Tzom Gedaliah – am classes 

September 27-28              Sun-Mon                  Yom Kippur 



October 2-11                      Fri-Sun                      Sukkot



December 10-18               Thurs-Fri                  Chanukah 

December 11-13               Fri-Sun                      Chanukah Vacation 

December 25                      Friday                      Asara BeTevet – a.m. classes  



January 3-7                          Sun-Thurs                Midterms 

January 8-10                       Fri-Sun                      Mid-Winter Vacation 

January 11                           Monday                    Second Semester Begins 

January 28                           Thursday                  Tu Bishvat 



February 25                        Thursday                 Taanit Esther 

February 26-27                  Fri-Shabbat             Purim & Shushan Purim 



March 10                             Wednesday             Last Day of Class Before Pesach break

March 11                             Thursday                 Pesach vacation begins 

March 28-April 4               Sun-Sun                    Pesach 



April 7                                   Wednesday                         Classes Resume at 4pm  

April 8                                   Thursday                              Yom Hashoah 

April 14                                Wednesday                         Yom Hazikaron 

April 15                                Thursday                              Yom HaAtzmaut 

April 30                                Friday                                    Lag B’Omer 



May 9-13                             Sun-Thurs                            Finals 

May 10                                 Monday                                Yom Yerushalayim 

May 16-18                           Sun-Tues                              Shavuot 

May 27                                 Thursday                              Banquet 

May 28-29                           Shabbat                                Final Shabbaton 

May 30                                 Sunday                                  Students Departure

May 30                                 Sunday                                  Depart for Poland 

June 2                                    Wednesday                         Dorm Closes at 8pm