Activities & Events

In addition to our Tiyulim and Shabbatonim, there are many occasions throughout the year that Midreshet Tehillah students get to tune into the special vibe of the place or the day.

Jewish life has an incredible diversity of unique experiences, especially in Israel, and we want you to tap into them and grow through them.  Two of the highlights of the year are our Poland Trip and our Discover Jerusalem Seminar.  

Other special moments include:

  • Exploring the Arba Minim shuk before Succot,
  • Joining hundreds of other Seminary students for Tefila and Talmud Torah on Asara BeTevet,
  • Davening in Ma’arat HaMachpela in Chevron,
  • Feeling the loss to Klal Yisrael on Yom HaShoah,
  • Expressing solidarity with others on Yom HaZikaron and expressing hakarat hatov for their sacrifices,
  • Celebrating on Yom Ha’Atzmaut and appreciating the incredible gift and opportunity of Medinat Yisrael,
  • Celebrating Lag B’Omer,
  • Walking to the Kotel with thousands of others on Yom Yerushalayim.

We also want you to gain an appreciation for and experience the amazing educational opportunities around you.  You can visit museums, such as the Israel Museum, the Begin Museum and the new Natural History Museum.  Get your head and your hands into some of the most exciting archeological finds in Ir David and around the Old City.  Or take a walking tour to discover the best book shops in Jerusalem!

Here is our calendar from 5780 (2019 – 2020). Flip through the pages to see all our Special Moments!