Rabbi Menachem Salasnik

Rabbi Menachem Salasnik Rabbi Menachem Salasnik

Rabbi Menachem Salasnik was raised in London in a Rabbinic family.  He went on to take a BSc in Optometry in Manchester University and later received Semicha from Rav Yitzchok Berkovits in The Jerusalem Kollel. Rabbi Salasnik was previously the Director of ‘Shevet’, the orthodox education track on FZY/Young Judaea Year Course, working with Jewish teenagers from a variety of backgrounds and levels of religious commitment.

He founded journeytobetterspeech.com – a site dedicated to improving the way we speak to and about each other, and he is the author of the weekly Journey To Better Speech parsha sheet exploring aspects of speech in the Parsha. He campaigns on this topic in Israel and England, speaking in Shuls, businesses and homes, and jointly runs the ‘Green Speech Campaign’, a worldwide Shemiras HaLashon program during the ‘three weeks’.

Separate to his work in Jewish education, Rabbi Salasnik is a specialist in Low Vision and Geriatric Optometry, flying to England regularly to work, where he helps to rehabilitate people who are losing their sight as a result of severe eye disease.  He lives in Har Nof with his wife, Kate, and their (bla’h) 6 wonderful (and lively!) children.


What his students say

“Your Emunah classes have helped strengthen our belief in G-d,and have given us various tools to use when combated by atheist ideas.”