Mrs. Miriam Tannenbaum

Miriam TannenbaumMrs. Miriam Tannenbaum

Mrs. Miriam Tannenbaum was born and raised in NY and lived in Texas for 16 years.  She taught a variety of limudei kodesh subjects in Akiba Academy of Dallas’ Middle School, where she also served for many years as Judaic Studies coordinator. With much excitement, Miriam and her family made Aliyah in summer 2018, fulfilling a life-long dream, and eagerly joined the Midreshet Tehillah faculty. She is currently also involved in opening a new high school for girls in Beit Shemesh, where she serves as the Menahelet. Miriam is married to R’ Meir Tannenbaum and is a mother to Nechama, Avrumy, Avigayil, Yitzy and Tzvi. She loves learning, running marathons and coffee.