Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Turner

Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Turner

Rabbi Turner was born, raised and educated in the UK. He went through schooling in London followed by 5 years of Yeshiva studies in Manchester and 13 years in the revered Ponevezh Yeshiva and Kollel in Bnei Brak. As well as teaching in a number of Seminaries in Jerusalem, Rabbi Turner holds a Masters in Clinical Social Work and works as a professional therapist with a specific focus on Anglo-Saxon teens growing up in Israel.

Family Turner have been living on the Neve campus for a number of years with involvement, as a family, in a number of it’s institutions.

As well as the captivating classes on a variety of topics, Rabbi Turner leads the Midreshet Tehillah Poland trip. The trip that can be life changing, is guided with a unique blend of warmth, care and sensitivity together with simcha and song.

Rabbi Turner is a grandson of Chief Rabbi, Lord Immanuel & Lady Jakobovits and Chazzan Rev. Reuben Turner, giving him strong musical interest together with a subtle proudly British streak, with the sense of humor that comes with it (for better or for worse).

What his students say

“Through your Mesorah class, I now properly appreciate what it means to have a mesorah, and that even though all the different sects may seem divided, we all have the same Daddy. That I have to find my way of serving Hashem. I will carry these insights with me always, and continue to implement them into my everyday life.”